The Top 6 Supplements you need to prevent getting sick!

The Top 6 Supplements you need to prevent getting sick!

It’s that time of year. The weather is changing. It’s cold. Holiday season is upon us which means we are moving non-stop, likely stressed, and our schedules are probably way too overloaded! This is the perfect recipe for the much dreaded cold or flu.

Before you run your immune system down, here are some ways to take preventative action and build it up! These are my favorite supplements on the daily, but they also make a great flu-fighting combination.

  1. Turmeric – This is the most powerful herb to exist, and has crazy anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. There is a reason turmeric has become so widespread – because it works. Add that sh*t in everything! Something to note about turmeric – in order to get the maximum benefits (which believe me, you want!) you need to take it with black pepper in order to activate the compound, curcumin.
  2. Ginger – Another very potent anti-inflammatory! You literally *feel the burn* when taking this, in the best possible way. It kills off any rhinoviruses, which cause colds. The best way to take this is a straight up fresh ginger shot, but get it down any way you can!
  3. Vitamin C – Ever wonder why people recommend drinking Orange or Lemon juice when you feel a cold coming on? The almighty Vitamin C! This powerful Vitamin can help both fight off and prevent a cold. I like to first load up on foods rich in Vitamin C (Strawberries, Citrus, Spinach,) and if I feel like I’m about to get sick, I will also supplement with Raw Vitamin C pills as well!
  4. Spirulina – I take Vital Proteins Spirulina every single day! This plant-based supplement is loaded with vitamins and minerals, as well as a healthy dose of plant based protein. To name a few, Spirulina contains vitamins A, C, E and B vitamins, as well as a whole host of minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium). It’s important to get your Spirulina from a quality source! I use Vital Proteins Spirulina, which is locally sourced from California. Vital Protein’s also makes their Spirulina supplements into capsules, which I LOVE! It’s definitely not the best tasting product, so if I’m not incorporating Spirulina into a recipe, this is an easy way to get it down everyday!
  5. Water and Coconut Water – When you’re getting sick, you want to make sure you’re providing your body with plenty of liquids (primarily water, with coconut water supplemented as well!) For one, this helps to flush out any toxins. Every single process your body undergoes requires water! If you’re dehydrated, your body won’t be able to perform it’s tasks to prevent you from getting sick to the best of it’s ability. HYDRATE! I love adding Pure Coconut water (not from concentrate) as it is a natural electrolyte source.
  6. Raw Honey – Raw honey is packed with incredible anti-oxidants, anti-bacterials, and anti-fungals. This trio is the best combination to help prevent or fight a cold. This immune-boosting powerhouse is a must-take if you feel a cold coming on! Remember, the benefits come when raw! It’s best to take a spoonful right from the jar. When you add to hot tea or any heated recipe, you kill off the potent nutrients that are preventing you from getting sick!

Do you have any other must-take supplements to prevent a cold? I’d love to hear! Share your thoughts below 🙂

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