Road trip with your dog? Furry friend essentials

Road trip with your dog? Furry friend essentials

Road trips are fun in general, but road trips with your dog? Next level. Before you embark on your adventure with your furry friend, here’s a few essentials to pack before you hit the road

10 Essentials to pack on your road trip with your pup

  1. Rabies & Distemper Papers: Imagine traveling all the way to one of the most beautiful National Parks in America, only to be turned down because you forgot your dogs rabies vaccination papers. Not all dog-friendly places will ask you for this, but some will! If you want to avoid the chances of getting turned away, pack your papers!
  2. Doggie Bags: I can think of few things more embarrassing than when you’re out in public, your dog is doing their business… and realize you forgot your doggie bags. You frantically look around for something to pick it up… as people watch you, bag-less. If you’re going to take your dog to public places, make sure to clean up after them! I love these bags — bonus: they’re eco-friendly!
  3. Water: Seems basic enough, but you’d be surprised at how easily you can forget this. Whenever you’re traveling, it’s easy to get dehydrated; the same goes for your pup. Whether you’re sitting in a stuffy car, spending your day sight seeing, or just traveling around all day, you’re both bound to get dehydrated. Be prepared with water! Rest stops aren’t always near and accessible, and if you pack your own, you’re helping the environment too. I always bring my eco-friendly Healthy Human, it keeps water cold for hours!
  4. Water bowl: You remembered to pack your water, but did you remember your bowl? Try this travel-friendly water bowl! Fold it back up when your dog is done and stick it in your bag
  5. LINT BRUSH: this one is capital for a reason. I have a golden retriever, and if I forget my lint brush.. I’m a walking fur ball. I have lint brushes tucked away everywhere for this reason… in my purse, my glove compartment, my gym bag, I’m not taking any chances.
  6. Dog Brush: This goes hand in hand with the lint brush. Always a good idea to have on hand and keep the hair to a minimal. This brush is eco-friendly, and great for de-shedding
  7. Micro-fiber Towel: Going to the beach? Going hiking? Venturing out in a rainstorm? No matter the weather, it’s always a good idea to have a few micro-fiber towels in your car. Not only are they compact for traveling, but they dry extremely fast
  8. Leash: Self-explanatory, but don’t leave home without this!
  9. Paw Wipes: Dirt, sand, mud… paw wipes are always a good idea. I love this brand, they are all natural and work great
  10. Trash bag: This is essential for any roadtrip, but with your four-legged friend you’ll likely have some extra trash to throw away. If you’re going to be in your car for a lengthy period of time, a trash bag is a great way to keep it tidy
  11. Dog Treats & Food: We all know snacks are a roadtrip essential, don’t forget to pack them for your pup! I love these treats.. all natural and PB flavored! Who doesn’t love PB?

What do you pack when your travel with your dog? If I missed anything, comment below 🙂

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